John K. Langhorne

Paul, it was as always good talking with you Friday. I just wanted to thank you again for the three DVDs they were thru the roof. The format is outstanding but the information is communicated better than any other fishing seminar I have ever seen. As you know I have been with CCA since it started back in the seventies and have been fishing most of my 53 years. Believe me when I tell you that I have seen many fishing tapes. DVDs as well as attended many fishing seminars in my life and not one as good as these. I remember being at this seminar when you were recording and remember thinking man Paul is giving up real information here, something other guides just won't do. Because of my affiliation with CCA I have had the great fortune to fish with and get to know many Guides on our great Gulf coast from Mexico to Florida and I hope some of them get the opportunity to view your Galveston seminar DVDs so that maybe they can try to honestly help other Fisherman have the knowledge they do about their particular bay system and how to fish it. You give new meaning to the title Professional Guide Service and I feel blessed to call you my friend. Hope to see you at the Houston Boat Show.

<* lets go fishing *>

Richard Harmier

I appreciate your thoughts but I am thoroughly aware of the fact that my fishing skills are very limited. I was watching you and Kirk and trying to learn some technique and realize I don't really have much if any yet. Out of the 3 people in the boat I was way out of my league as a fisherman. The Lord was very generous to me yesterday and I really thank Him for it. I am trying very hard to put him first and though I fail and falter every day in that and all other areas of life he still blesses me like he did yesterday even though I did not deserve it. Every time I go fishing it is with he intent to catch lots of big fish. That being said spending the day out in the awesome outdoors in a boat where the name Jesus Christ is being exhaulted and not used as a cuss word along with good people is a great experience. It was your boldness as a Christian that got me interested in you as a fishing guide. It takes alot of guts to ask a group of strangers to give thanks to the Lord. Most folks wouldn't do it as it might hurt someones feelings or their business. Every time one of those videos gets watched it could be planting a seed. As a Christian if everyone likes you then you are doing something wrong. Your boldness and your obedience to the Lord along with your fishing and people skills make you the best guide around. I look forward to many trips to come. If you run into anymore folks like Kirk that need someone to split a trip let me know. Thanks again, RH

Richard Harmier,