Galveston Bay -August takes its Toll

Recently, the past two weeks have been extremely warm to say the least. Temps have hovered around 100 degrees by noon. This fishing guide has been leaving the dock between 500- 530am should you want to catch quality fish. Daylight around 615am, so you only have about an hour of running time and fishing in the dark. It’s great when you hear the blowup and feel the tug from that great speckled trout or redfish. Working soft plastics aggressively works too. In about 6-8 feet, clarity is great and key on slicks and pods of mullet…………………

We are either wading or drift fishing from the boat. It’s your call. Wading wet with good boots and long sleeves.

Top water bite either with She Pups or Baby Spooks. Color is chartruse, black or chrome……maybe bone as well.

Chicken-on-chain, plum and pearl working using soft plastic Assassins or Stanley Jigs. 1/8oz wading and sometimes 3/8 working wells and reefs in East and Trinity Bays. Slow presentation on or near the bottom.

Off the water by noon at the latest.

Fishing areas like A-1 lease, Sun Oil and near Marker 72 in Trinity and working Deep, Little Hannah and Bird Island in East Bay…………

Plenty of sunscreen and liquids and file a flight plan so we can find you if you break down or need assistance……..

God bless
the fisherman

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