Redfish vs Spec’s

Recent days along our shorelines in Galveston Bay have been extremely warm to the pesky resources of spec's and red fish. Loss of oxygen due to extreme heat causes these species to move to deeper water. A dear friend and myself found a number of red fish early before daylight along shores near Dickinson Bayou. Keep in mine, before daylight means just THAT. You must adapt to the weather and these species feeding patterns. Clients always express the notion that they must get up in the middle of the night. Really.
Duane slipped the landing net under a solid red fish that took several minutes to turn. Using Soft plastic tails like the Bass Assassin paddle looks so lifelike to the red fish. Best colors are Chicken on Chain and Slammin' Chicken..............
Arriving before daylight allowed both of to secure our three fish limit before 8:am.............Shoreline drain was notable and a falling tide worked wonders. This trip happens often this time of year. Know your area and be patient while slowing down your retrieve, bouncing the bait on or near the bottom of scattered shell. Custom rods are notable and useful to any anglers willing to feel the sensitive bite and added cost.
Be sure to wear light colors while fishing this time of year. Secure your cover and hydrate often. We start at 5:30 am and end the trip at 11:am same day....................
Upper Bay of Trinity is holding good fish near wells and in 6 to 9 feet of water. Use 1/4 oz. lead in several colors like plum, pearl or pumpkin seed. Also, live shrimp would assist those not wanting to grind out there limit. Suspend a cork with 4 to 5 feet of leader. Difficult to throw but works well.................
Stay safe in these difficult times. Focus on the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus...............Amen
the fisherman
Capt. Paul Marcaccio
U.S.C.G & TWP license

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