Summer Patterns-Galveston Bay Complex

The lack of rainwater is a double edge sword. Great salinity but too salty in the bay systems. Be extremely careful to clean your equipment after each fishing trip to Galveston Bay.

Live bait, the likes of shrimp or croackers, have had solid hook ups to 6 lbs. Either carolina rig or a cork about three feet will due just right. However, the price is changing weekly based on supply and demand………………..

Soft plastics shad tails or Assassins in eithers plum, pumpkin seed or pearl are drawing stikes from quality fish(redfish and speckled trout). Using 1/4 oz lead along with weedless gold spoon is adding up to limits of both fish.

Areas like Hannah’s, Deep reef, Moody’s, Frenchy’s in East Bay and the wells in Trinity like Sun Oil or A-1 or A-2. Please be extremly careful and go slow when entering A1 or A2. Lots of pipe just below the surface.

Using croackers now are still consistant as the full moon just passed and those females are laying their eggs all along the ship channel and reefs in Galveston Bay.

Leave early and return before noon if possible. Plenty of liquids such as waters or G-aid. Sunscreen a must with protected sunglasses like COSTA products found @ Fishing Tackle Unlimited.

Enjoy the fourth of July as we celebrate and let a veteren know that we appreciate their time served whether peacetime or in country……………..
god bless
the fisherman

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