Trinity Bay-Galveston

Anahuac Pocket-The Golden Goose

The other day a good friend, Darrell, and I were looking for those elusive speckled trout near the far end of Trinity Bay…………
One moment the water below was calm, the next, a gaping yellow mouth with two canine teeth seemingly appeared from nowhere to engulf the Assassin. The strike was as vicious as it was fast. Water splashed as the big trout dove under my boat, straining my custom rod and having Darrell to turn to see what the commotion was all about and then grab the landing net.
The drag was screaming as my line left the reel in a most characteristic fashion. Got to tell you’ll folks, just does not get any better……………………
Darrell grabbed the landing net, but this trout’s “time” had not arrived and she made several more runs away from the boat. We finally got the opportunity to slip the landing net under the spent fish. Several more of the same size trout were caught that morning, ranging from 18 inches to 23 inches long. No redfish could be found that day.
Trinity is the largest body of water in the Galveston Bay complex, offering miles of shoreline as well as a huge area of deeper water in the open bay. Trinity provides a good number of oil and gas rigs as well as live oyster reefs for boaters and wade fishermen alike.
Speckled trout, redfish and flounder are found in this natural nursery, but perhaps her greatest claim to fame comes from waders throwing topwater baits for big trout. She is large enough that it would pay most weekend anglers to invest in a few trips with experienced guides so they can get to know the area a little better. Tails and Corky Devil as well.
Live bait is always the percentage call on any water. Shrimp, finger mullet, and croakers will always produce at the right time. While live bait is not always easy to find and is expensive, most fishermen will either buy it, net it, or simply not go fishing. There is, however, something about Trinity that seems to inspire some of us who would not be caught with live bait or a cast net. That’s not to say, clients may buy the bait and put it on my boat any time. From time to time, word leaks out about enormous trout taken on top waters, tails and Corky
Her greatest drawback is the seemingly annual flooding of fresh water down the rivers into the open bay. Trinity has been reported, in recent years, for anglers to catch fresh water stripers and bass. But, when she’s right, Trinity Bay can grant some of the most consistent, if not the hottest, fishing on the entire Gulf Coast. Invest the time and talent to discover for yourself……………….
It may be hit or miss depending on moon phase and tides, but when the tides get right and there is a lull between those dog days of summer as well as Blue Northers, the fish will be there. Salinity and color now is as good as this writer could imagine.
Along with others, I will be back.
As always, enjoy fishing. Remember what you have learned and pass it on to your family and friends. You, too, were young once.
See y’all on Galveston Bay or maybe Trinity Bay near the shoreline at ………………LITTLE HODGES
God bless our land and the men and women who defend it for our enjoyment outdoors…………………….
Capt. Paul Marcaccio
USGC & TPW License

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